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Our Mediators

Ryan Duffin



Growing up in northern Indiana, RYAN DUFFIN developed an aspiration to litigate cases at an early age watching trials in his dad’s court.  Since obtaining his law degree in 1991 he has participated in over 1,000 mediations. This includes representing individual defendants, plaintiffs, corporations, and insurance companies at mediation.  Additionally, Ryan’s practice has included complicated matters like dram shop, product liability, and insurance coverage litigation. With extensive litigation practice, Ryan has learned that the best solution in most matters is to reach a resolution that removes the uncertainty and risk of trial for both sides.  Let Ryan bring his experience to assist in resolving your litigation challenges.

Phone: (317) 580-9348


Megan Wells



Drawn to her career by the desire to have a positive impact on families during transitional periods, MEGAN WELLS, has focused her practice as an attorney, and as a mediator on family law issues.  Dealing with the challenging situations brought on by divorce can be emotional, overwhelming and troubling.  The addition of a neutral voice can help to simmer the fire and bring clarity to the situation. If you are seeking to resolve your issues in a way that is reasonable and acceptable to both parties, consider Megan for your family law mediation issues.

Phone: (317) 580-9348



  • $200.00 per hour (preparation and mediation)

  • Free Travel in Indiana

  • Credit Cards Accepted

Other Information

Mediations are routinely scheduled for half days with morning sessions starting at 9:00 A.M. EST and afternoon mediations starting at 1:00 P.M.  The mediations can be held at our North or South office, or at the office of one of the attorneys. If you anticipate that more time is necessary and/or you prefer an alternate starting time or location, please let us know.

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